5 Stages of Grief-Acceptance Art Print
5 Stages of Grief-Acceptance Art Print

5 Stages of Grief-Acceptance Art Print

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This is the hardest one for me…. I mean no ill words but I mean  this wall I need you to read 

 it’s not a will it is my way

Of a fate we will all have one day

Acceptance is an unmanageable verb

Read my words

When I say

Life is really short for us all

none will conquer

We all just  fall

To move forward and stand tall

Things come and go and life moves on

But here I am

I’ve survived made it to the next day

I’m really  just following along.

But I have to stay “strong”.

One day I’ll pass too…it’s sad, but it’s surely not new

And maybe in another world  I’ll find my way back to you.

I’ve come to terms and let go of my fears

The past is the past ...

We knew one day our lives wouldn't last.

Goodbye to me;

Goodbye to you, 

Goodbye to memories I wish everyone knew.

Goodbye Sun.

Goodbye Moon.

When we’re gone

There’s still light and the sky is still blue.

Goodbye tears

Goodbye peers

Thank you though

 for all these years

Good bye rain

Goodbye pain

We’ll never see each other again.

Thank you mom. Thank you dad. For letting me be both happy and sad.

I know one day you’ll be gone.

It feels so wrong.

it’s real it’s true..

I was lucky enough to have spent some time with you.

I’ll pretend to accept, 

But that is a lie, and that’s REAL truth.

Deep down inside  “acceptance” is something I really cannot confide

To lock up these feelings deep inside.

This is the shit we all can relate we’re all made and taught to hide, 

To live life and eventually die.

Funny thing is that there is nothing that we can do.

I’ve always questioned and pondered, “why”?

Who are you to tell me what to decide.

 About praising someone of a “greater divine”

To give your living designs both amazing and horrible lives.

Create and give eons of knowledge to these unique bloodlines.

To create the same things that will fight for “peace” but  choose to hate, cheat , and divide in order to survive..

Having control of whatever that’s yours; 

But being able to take whatever was mine.

And never knowing when it’ll be our last time.

How could you ask anyone to act like it’s fine?

I’ll be fine but

To me, I wish I never knew about the life line decline.


Art Print size is 8.5” x 11” Printed on Premium Gloss Photo Paper. 
Frame is not Included with Print.